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What Will the First Session in Speech Therapy Look Like

Feeling nervous about starting speech therapy? Have questions about what speech therapy sessions look like? Reach out and I'll talk you through it! Sometimes parents are uncertain what sessions will look like. Most of the time, the first session is playing with your child and asking you a few questions. This allows me to get an idea of where your child is at in their speech and language skills and work with you to set up goals that we can work on with your child. This informal assessment lets me take a listen to your child and identify specific sounds like can work on or language patterns they struggle with. If you are wanting a formal language assessment completed, we can also set that up. That typically involves asking your child a series of questions while they look at pictures and label things in a book. Assessments are helpful to give us an idea of where your child is comparing to other children their age and what things they might benefit from working on. Many parents come to speech therapy with an idea of what they would like to work on, and this is great too! Whether you are looking for an informal or formal speech and language assessment, complete the contact form and I am happy to talk you through what that will look like. Now accepting new clients in Calgary and area for speech therapy!


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