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Leaves and Rocks and Sticks oh my

One of my clients yesterday was very keen on staying outside for our session when I got to his house. So, I put down my therapy bag and we played on his front step! We read a book together and then he wanted to play in the yard so we started collecting leaves and rocks and spraying them with water. The front yard became our playground and we practiced our L sound talking about the different leaves we found with words like "little, long, leaf, fall, look". This activity was easy to adjust to practicing at word level and phrase level and he loved it! He got to move and run around and we both got to enjoy on of the nice fall days before it snows. One of the coolest things about speech therapy is we can really use anything to work on speech and language at home, even things we find in our yard can become a toy in speech therapy. We are also working on some grammar goals and verb tense, so we practiced some of our verbs while hunting for leaves and rocks in the yard and moving them over to the house. It was such a fun session and was a great opportunity for some natural home practice words. If your child is struggling with their speech sounds, see if there are items in their house that they enjoy playing with that you can use to model this sound and practice it with them. You don't need fancy games or cards with specific words to practice, you can use the things you find in your house and yard. Send me a message and let's brainstorm together how we can help your child work on their speech and language at home with things already in your environment!


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