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An Ode to Potato Heads in Speech Therapy

Everyone who has worked with me knows that I love using potato heads in speech therapy. They are fun for all ages and can be used to target a variety of speech and language goals. Yesterday I used them during a session working on word finding skills. We talked about the different potato pieces and the differences and similarities between the two pieces. The great thing about potato heads is there are numerous ways we can put them together and many different arms, noses, eyes, glasses, ears, mouths, and hats to keep it interesting. I often use potato heads to model language with preschool age clients. They are great for working on in, on, out, off for my Childhood Apraxia of Speech superstars and my early language users. We can add a piece of language (e.g. nose on, ear in) as we play to help build phrases with our younger clients. There's new vocabulary with the accessories for potato heads and we can work on describing what we see (e.g. my potato has blue glasses). For parents, potato heads are a great toy because they allow us to interaction with your child as you play and this encourages more language! Don't be afraid to bring out some of the toys you loved as a child to engage with your children, the best playmate is an adult who is enjoying themselves too. If you feel your child would benefit from help expanding their vocabulary and using more words, contact me and let's chat!

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