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Speech Therapy Tips

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Welcome to the Speech Boost Blog. Here I will share tips and tricks for working on speech and language skills at home.

Today's topic is articulation of speech. When we think about the sounds we use in speech and the sounds kids work on in speech therapy, it can be hard to understand why your child can't just say the sounds like you say them. Remember this is a learning process for your child and learning any new skill can be hard. Learning a new skill takes a lot of time and practice. We wouldn't go to the gym and expect to be able to lift 100lbs right away, we need to start slowly and increase the weight over time. Just like going to the gym, practicing speech is a skill that we practice over time. We often start with practicing the sound on its own, or the consonant with a vowel. Then we can move to a small word, then over time we can start putting two words together and eventually building sentences with the words we practice in speech. Practicing these words at home in your day to day life is the most helpful for your child. In our sessions, I will give you words you can work on at home to keep up the practice in between sessions. These practice words are great to help your child make faster progress and learn to say their sounds outside of speech therapy.

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